5-Key waterproof keypad, Zero Automatic Tare, Mode, Print and ON/OFF
Programmable digital filter, for and excellent weight display in any working condition
Programmable automatic switch-off function, either through keypad or remote control
Fitted with radiofrequency 6-key remote control, configurable as simple automatic tare or as a remote keypad
Configured for an 868mHz radio interface or wifi, for connection to PC or to a remote terminal and printer
Rechargeable battery, with an average life of about 30 hours
Configured for a second optional extractable battery for 24/7 continuous use
Fitted with 230Vac 50hZ battery charger
Programmable digital Calibration and Set-up directly from the keypad or from PC through Dinitools
Operating temperature range: -10/+40"c

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15 July 2020


Dini Argeo