Characteristic And Function:

  • Plastic Housing
  • Clock function: year, mounth, date, hour, minute, second, auto leap year, leap mounth
  • Calibration switch code
  • Built in thermal printer: allow single weigh, fixed printing format, not support record checking
  • Support regular shutdown, random code decyption function
  • Support accumulation, clear, unit switching, by function key checking, printing accumulation data, times..etc
  • Input password before calibration and adjusting
  • Auto networking and auto-creating weighing scale system
  • Automatic and manual corner-difference adjustment
  • Power on, auto-zero-setting range, manual-zero-setting range can be set separately, zero tracing can be set
  • Random charging by indicator
  • RS232 communication interface, multi communication protocol
  • Encrypton function is available, while load cell and indicator is communicating
  • Digital load cell SN checking, overload record checking function
  • Equipped with EMC protection

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08 July 2020


MK Cells