• Power: AC switch power 110V~220V/AC; no DC
  • LC interface: communication way: RS485: baud rate; 19200bps; transmit distance; less than 50m
  • Scoreboard interface; RS 232, current loop; rated baud rate is 600bps
  • Printing interface; EPSON LQ-300K+KX-P1131, POS-58…etc are optional
  • PC communication interface way; RS232; baud rate 600~19200bps optional

Protocol characters:

  • Open protocol
  • 8 bit data format, suitable for PC programming
  • Baud rate is optional, O type max to 57600
  • With function of checking LC overload record, full capacity, models…etc
  • Scalability, easy to add more function
  • Presetting all kinds of functions, like Gravity compensation and temperature compensation
  • Portability, easy to transplant to other platforms, such as CAN


08 Juli 2020


MK Cells

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