Calibration is an activity to determine the validity of the conventional value of the appointment of measuring instruments and measuring materials by comparing them with traceable standards to national and international standards for measurement units and / or international standards and certified reference materials. The goal is to achieve measurement traceability. Measurement results can be linked / traced to a higher standard / meticulous (primary national and / international standards), through a series of uninterrupted comparisons and guarantee measurement results in accordance with National and International standards.

Truck Scale
Truck Scale is basically the same as the weighbridge. The main use of this tool is to measure the weight scales of trucks or other heavy vehicles that have four wheels or more. This tool according to the source that I get can be moved according to their needs (portable). So the system which includes portable equipment makes this equipment easy to use and adaptable in all fields. This tool is mainly needed in several industrial fields such as logistics, freight forwarding, ports and agriculture.

Service is often also referred to as repair (service). The definition of repair itself is an attempt to restore the condition and function of an object or device that is damaged due to the use of the tool in its original condition. The repair process does not require equalization according to the initial conditions, what is preferred is that the device can function normally again. Improvements allow for the replacement of parts / tools. Sometimes some of the products in the market do not provide spare parts for replacement when they are repaired, even though there are, the price of these spare parts is almost close to the new price of one unit of the product.

Digital scales software for adjusting data between packages received from Sub-Agents, Counters, Branch Offices or Representatives with the Reception Warehouse and Head Office is needed, especially regarding the weight, dimensions / size and number of packages to verify transaction value and package transportation costs. Errors in recording / inputting the weight and size / dimensions of the package are still possible, because they are still done manually. To avoid and minimize these errors, efforts should be made so that the calculation of weight and dimensions / size of packages can be automatically recorded into the application software contained in each Sub Agent, Counter or Branch Office or Representative which is integrated directly into the Reception Warehouse and Head Office.

Training Calibration
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