Sonic A7

Sonic A7


Accuracy Grade Class
A/D converting theory and sampling rate double integration, 10-15 times/time
Maximum inner codes 500000 codes/time
Non-linearity 0.01% F.S.
Stimulating voltage for the loadcell DC +8V, the maximum input signal is about 16 mV
Loadcell quantity 1 load cell, 4 pins, (no long distance compensation)
Temperature coefficient on F.S 8 PPM/C
Display 6-bit LED, 0.56 inches in height, 6 status indicating lights, 3 battery charges indicating lights
Keyboard 5 slight-touch keys/C
Power supply 1. AC 187-242 V, 50 HZ
2. Built-in chargable battery 6V, 2.8 AH (2 pcs in serial connection)
Operating temperature and humidity 0-40C, 90% RH
Storage temperature -20--+50C
Fuse 500mA
External dimension 265 190 170mm
weight 1.53kg (not including the battery)


01 Maret 2020



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